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Home / Origin of IAH Based 23 miles north of downtown Houston, the airport today provides the largest U.S. connection into Mexico and Latin America, with over 31 direct connection points to Mexico alone. Additionally, IAH is the only U.S. airport to serve all six continents with populations using direct connections. The other three international airports with similar reach capacity are located in foreign countries. Traffic-wise, the airport can be reached regionally by two main highways and two toll roads. History The original creation of IAH was in 1957 when a partnership of Houston business leaders banded together to push for the creation of a second Houston airport in the region. To make the idea easier, they made sure development would not occur on the designated land by purchasing title and deed rights. Under the business name of Jet Era Ranch Corporation, these businessmen set in motion their ambition. However, due to a clerk's error, their business was instead titled Jetero which also passed on as the location name as well. Twelve years later IAH in its first manifestation opened for business in 1969. Named Houston International Airport, the airport was force-fed traffic by a rerouting of all public passenger travel from the region neighbor, William P. Hobby Airport. Hobby was not to be eliminated, however. It still was allowed to remain useful as regular airport for public and private use and in the early 1970s it was the genesis site for Southwest Airlines' beginnings. Houston was design-wise expected to open for use two years earlier. However, numerous issues with cost, scheduling, construction, and missed deadlines caused an aggregate delay. Additionally, litigation between the main contractor and the City of Houston tied things up further. International Airport Houston (IAH), otherwise known as George Bush Intercontinental Airport, serves the lower south central region of the U.S. as an international plane gateway for travel out of Texas.
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